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Suzie Lopez
Inner Essence Yoga Teachers
200 RYT
Suzie is a 200 hour certified Hatha Yoga teacher and owner of Inner Essence Yoga. Suzie discovered the joy of yoga through meditation. Using meditation to calm her mind and ease stress she discovered the physical practice of yoga and it changed her life forever! She has been teaching Yoga full time since 2009. She is skilled in all levels of yoga from gentle, Yin, Prenatal and therapeutic yoga as well as Hatha, Vinyasa and Power Flow. It is important to Suzie to educate the students of the proper alignment of their body in the posture to assure a safe and productive practice. Suzie truly believes that yoga is a life long wellness program of mind, body and spirit and feels Honored to be able to offer the wisdom of yoga to others to help give them the tools to care for themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually, in a loving and safe way. Suzie wants all students to feel confident and satisfied with their yoga practice and most of all have fun!

Lisa McDonald
RYT 300, 
Lisa started her journey into Yoga after a series of stress-related anxieties started to surface causing physical pain and injury. Lisa started her first class at her gym, continued through a yoga studio and decided to take her journey to another level. She studied under Edely Wallace of Yoga Matrix in Orlando and became a 200 hour certified instructor. Lisa specializes in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Gentle Yoga as well as meditation techniques and Vinyasa Flow classes. Lisa continues her yoga studies through continuing education, offering workshops and private lessons. Lisa strives to bring laughter into class, allowing students to relax and enjoy their experience without judgement. Lisa is certified in the following fields: 200 hour certified, Yoga Nidra and Meditation through the Kundalini Center and Yoga for Stress and Anxiety through Aura Wellness. Lisa has studied and taken master classes with Christopher Baxter, Baghavan Das, Mukti Buck and Tymi Howard.
HomeOur TeachersClass Schedule/Upcoming EventsClass DescriptionsClass Prices and FAQ

Lauren Schuyler

Lauren took her first yoga class in college and from the beginning she was hooked. As Lauren's practice began to deepen she knew that it was something that she wanted to share with others. In 2015 Lauren completed my 200 hour Registered Yoga teacher Training and began teaching right away. Lauren goal is to help her students step off the mat feeling balanced, peaceful and confident.  

Lori Wellen

A decade as a sports massage therapist, personal trainer and group exercise instructor led to Lori’s exploration of Yoga. Initially, she was looking for ways to better communicate body mechanics and alignment to her athletic clients. A slow start in Iyengar, Kundalini and Restorative styles provided her the language, passion and postural details she needed. The evolution of her own personal practice brought her to Ashtanga and other vinyasa flow styles. After 5 years of training with a variety of Southern California’s Yoga Works instructors, Lori moved back to Florida in 2003 and began teaching Power Flow style classes.
Lori’s classes tend to be playful, dynamic and welcoming. A solid foundation in Ashtanga gives her a solid platform from which to blend traditional postures with liberal, powerful sequences. She is happiest when teaching Hatha, Gentle and Power Flow, Ashtanga, Pranayama & Guided Meditation. Throughout each year Lori teams up with like-minded educators to offer workshops wherein breathwork, alignment, yoga anatomy and wellness topics are the focal points. Her intention is to remind her students to “keep it real”, honor themselves and make sure they are getting exactly what they want out of the practice. 
Lori’s respected teachers include, but are not limited to: Geo Takoma, David Swenson, Max Strom, Shiva Rea and Lewis Rothlein. She is forever grateful she has been taught something so beneficial, beautiful and uplifting – and so wonderful to share.

Teresa Lombardi Terrell 
200 RYT 
Teresa began her yoga journey in 2002 while living in Gainesville, Florida with her husband Mark. She practiced Ashtanga yoga regularly for several years until she moved back home to Winter Park, Florida where she discovered Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. 
During her 20’s she was a dedicated martial artist in the style of Shaolin Kempo Karate, a system known for promoting wisdom, longevity, and overall strength. Like martial arts, yoga allows for the continued development of strength, flexibility, balance and mental focus, without the risk of the common injuries that martial arts can have on the adult body. Yoga was an excellent complement to her karate background. 
While studying for her 200 RYT at Full Circle Yoga in Winter Park, she transcended fear, self-doubt and physical limitations and began to honor what her body was capable of achieving without judgement. She has a daily practice of yoga, both spiritually and physically, meditation and mindfulness. 
Teresa is known for her compassion, patience and non-judgmental teaching style, as well as her playful and youthful side. Because of her love of travel, Teresa has practiced yoga with a number of teachers In various cities, incorporating what she has learned into her own unique teaching style. She will continue to be a student of yoga throughout her lifetime. 

Violette Gibbs
200 E-RYT

Violette is a Licensed Massage Therapist and holds a Biology B.S. degree from UCF.
She is co-creator of The Peace Lounge LLC, a live music and yoga practice shared throughout Central Florida and works in UCF Ceelab ecology estuarine outreach education. most recent co-created Oyster Story Telling Yoga, ask her about it!

Hatha Yoga is the foundation for her yoga classes. It is an ancient method that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help to bring peace and space to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation. Using Hatha as the foundation she may combine various styles such as vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga nidra to practice. Violette's goal for each class is to create a safe, and sustainable practice environment share the love she has for yoga within the community.

Violette has continued her education beyond the 200 hour certification. She is a E-RYT200 and educator of anatomy and physiology for the Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training programs at two Central Florida Schools. Various practices she is certified in include, Yoga Nidra, meditation, and Thai Yoga and Massage.