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Back and Hips Yoga 
Inner Essence Yoga Class Descriptions
Slow Flow Deep Stretch w/Crystal Bowls
Warm Flow Level 1 and Level 2
This gentle class offers safe and effective postures and stretches to address lumbar pain/strain, sciatica, SI joint and other common back ailments. Gentle poses are included in every class to help alleviate tension as well as chronic cervical strain and pain. The therapeutic approach of this class aims to reduce pain and inflammation, increase circulation and improve function and range of motion in the spine and hips. This class is not recommended for acute back or neck problems. Always consult your health care provider before starting any exercise program. Back and Hips Yin incorporate similar therapeutic stretches only at a much more slower and restorative pace holding posture gently for several minutes to allow the body to ease through tension into relaxation
*Appropriate for Prenatal Yoga
Slow Flow Deep Stretch w/ Crystal Bowls is a combination class that offers the student a slower practice to allow the body more time to find depth and proper alignment paired up with deep, long held yin postures to take more time to build deeper flexibility. The class will start with warming the body with an active 30 minute Slow Vinyasa Flow that will warm the Yang part of you bringing heat, strength, and awareness into your practice. The second part of the class is a calming and deep 30 minute Yin practice to cultivate a stronger sense of awareness both physically and mentally allowing the body to settle into stretches to encourage opening of the joints creating more flexibility in the spine and joints. The third portion of the class is deep relaxation as students rest comfortably while teacher plays the Chakra Crystal bowls to help balance and soothe mind and body.  This combo class will leave you feeling rejuvenated, released and restored. Prior Yoga experience helpful
Warm Flow Yoga is a great way to reduce bloat, improve metabolic function and cleanse the body. This class will burn calories, reduce water weight and tone the entire body. Using proper breathing techniques, we will oxygenate the body for optimal detoxification. The postures are designed to “wring out” the internal organs incorporating twists to improve digestion and promote proper absorption of nutrients and elimination. Detox yoga also helps to boost your body's immunity by stimulating the lymphatic system. The class will be warmer than the usual yoga class to encourage sweating out toxins stored in the body. 
*Warm Flow Level 1 Class level is some yoga experienced to advanced level 
*Warm Flow Level 2 Class Level Intermediate to Advanced  (level 2 not appropriate for Beginners)
Vinyasa Flow and Mixed Flow Level 1-2
This fun, energetic class is a great way to get the body moving, release toxins, and calm the mind. This class offers postures that are linked together in a flowing sequence that offers a variety of options and modifications to work at your level. More challenging postures will be introduced in flow classes. Intensity of the postures reflect in the level of the class. Flow level 1-2 will offer beginner advanced postures just as arm balances and inversions. Class levels are specified on the class schedule. Prior yoga experience needed.
Beginner Yoga
Ideal for new students of yoga and for those seeking a slower paced, gentle, deep stretch, meditative class. Students learn the fundamentals of classical Hatha asanas (postures) with detailed verbal instruction, paying close attention to alignment, awareness and breath. Postures may be held for a longer periods of time with the concentration on finding the balance between effort and ease. Strengthening, stretching and integrating body, mind and spirit and offering modifications for each student's needs. Expect a slower paced class focused on the beginner's mind. (Beginners to Advanced)
*Appropriate for Prenatal Yoga

Hatha Yoga Mixed Level 1-2
Designed for yoga students who enjoy a little more intensity than a gentle or level 1 class. This is a mixed level class that builds upon classical asanas (postures), offering a broader range of asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Find your peace, through exploring this ancient practice, learning a larger number of asanas and practical ways to promote mindfulness in your life. This class offers strength building with grace in mind and body. Learn how to advance your practice on and off the mat.  

Flow Level 2-3
Flow level 2-3 is geared towards experienced yogis who are familiar with the basic yoga postures and are ready to take it up a notch (or two). A more advanced practice that incorporates challenging postures as well as arm balances and inversion but will always offer modifications for those who would like them. This class dynamic flow will strengthen your mind as well as your body.
Stress Relief Yoga
This gentle class offers practitioners tools to reduce stress, improve health, and maximize energy by stimulating the body’s natural relaxation response. Using props such as bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets we can optimize relaxation and release the body of residual tension.  This class reduces stress hormones, lowers blood pressure and helps to relax the mind to create more peaceful and restful sleep. 
All Levels, appropriate for Beginners 
*Appropriate for Prenatal Yoga
Chakra Yoga

Chakra Yoga Gentle/level 1 is a class Rooted in the wisdom of the chakras (energy centers). Explanation and exploration through a variety of traditional yogic practices including asana (poses), pranayama (breath work), vibrational toning, mudras, deep relaxation, and meditation. Designed to open energetic pathways and bring body, mind, and spirit into balance, while awakening your potential for healing. Therapeutically revitalize and deepen awareness as you take your practice to the next level of understanding and explore the chakras with Suzie Lopez.
*Appropriate For All Levels
Vinyasa and Yin Flow (Vin/Yin)
Vin/Yin is a combination class that offers the student the best of a Yang (active) practice and a Yin (passive) practice. The class will start with warming the body with an active Vinyasa Flow linking a series of postures together that will challenge the Yang part of you bringing heat, strength, and awareness into your practice. The second part of the class is a calming and deep Yin practice to cultivate a stronger sense of awareness both physically and mentally. Joining the Yin and Yang together is a complete mind and body practice that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, released and restored. 
Prior Yoga experience required.
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Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is a slow quiet practice of long held streches where the body completely relaxes into the pose to promote opening of the ligaments and joints. It helps to create range of motion and flexibility and well as relieve stress and tension in the body
All Levels, appropriate for Beginners 
*Appropriate for Prenatal Yoga
Wall Yoga
Wall Yoga creates new possibilities in your yoga practice by using the wall as your tool. Discover your muscles, improve your balance, enhance your standing postures and safely prepare your body for a more complete practice including inversions and balance postures. After warming the body with a All Levels standing sequence, we will turn to the wall for a more restorative sequence to complete the class.
Restorative Gentle Flow Yoga

A Great Class for the Beginner. This class pairs up gentle moving yoga with relaxing long held postures. A perfect way to release the body of residual tension and allow for deep tissue and joint release. This class will also relax the mind creating a quiet peaceful feeling of complete relaxation. Perfect for All students who want a more relaxing practice yet still move and open up the whole body.
*Appropriate for Prenatal Yoga
Vinyasa FitFlow

Vinyasa FitFlow is an energizing Vinyasa Flow class. This class focuses on increasing your cardio with continuous movements and posture sequencing to help increase your metabolism and burn more calories. Class incorporates breathing techniques to increase oxygen and internal body temperature, strength building postures, core work and cardio. If your looking for a class that allows you to sweat, detox and lose weight this is the class for you.
*previous yoga experience is required