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Prices, Packages and Memberships

 2 Weeks Unlimited Yoga for $30

**One New Student Pass Per Person
Expiration date starts from date of purchase
No Sharing
No Extensions
No Freezing Pass
No Exceptions 
HomeOur TeachersClass Schedule/Upcoming EventsClass DescriptionsClass Prices and FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Yoga

Do I need to be flexible to practice yoga?

Flexibility is not required to practice yoga.  All body types, shapes, sizes and fitness levels can practice yoga. Yoga helps to create better range of motion in the joints and flexibility in the muscles. You do not need to be "bendy" to practice yoga.

What do I wear to practice yoga?

Wear comfortable fitting stretch knit fabrics. You want clothing that allows you to move without binding or constricting the body.

Am I too old, heavy or out of shape for yoga?

There are many levels of yoga, so age, fitness level, and size should NOT discourage you from practicing yoga. Begin with Gentle classes and allow the body to tell you what is the appropriate level for you.

What is Yoga?

Yoga Is a practice that unites the breath, the movement of the body and the mind together. This creates awareness of the mind, health in the body, both muscularly and internally, promoting an overall sense of peace and calmness. You are the master of your body, you are the master of your mind, and therefore you are the master of your practice. Yoga is a Great way to alleviate stress and bring you back to a state of complete wellness.

How often can I practice?

Everyone is different, and has different needs in their yoga practice. Allow yourself time to discover what feels right for you. Try practicing 2-3 times a week, skipping a day in between each practice in the beginning. Then allow yourself to set a practice pace that is right for you. Some people feel great practicing every day at different levels, and some feel great 2-3 times a week.
Do I need my own mat?

We suggest that you provide your own mat, however, we do have mats that you can borrow until you can provide your own. All other props are provided by the studio. You can purchase a mat at the studio,  any sporting good store, or retail store as well as online.
Do I need to pre-register for classes?

You do Not need to pre-register for class. Simply show up 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled class time to sign up for class and set up. If it is your first time attending class at the studio you will need to fill out a waiver, sign up and purchase you pass prior to class.

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Class Passes:

Single Class Drop In $15

4 Class Pass $50 One Month Expiration

8 Class Pass $95 Two Months Expiration

12 Class Pass $120 Three Months Expiration

One Month Unlimited $135 (Monthly, no auto renewal, no contract)

New Student Pass 2 Weeks Unlimited $30

*No Freezing, No Transfers, No Refunds on All Passes. No sharing on unlimited passes including New Students Pass.


$99 Monthly Unlimited Auto Renewal Membership
(one year auto renewal contract. No Freezing, No Transfers, No Refunds

$115 Monthly Unlimited 6 Month Auto Renewal Membership
(6 month auto renewal contract. No Freezing, No Transfers, No Refunds)

**All Pass Packages expirations dates start from the date first class is taken Not from date of purchase.

By purchasing membership you agree to the terms of membership.
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